Sep 22, 2016

Results from 9/21

Normally we don't like to stay out that late, but the sunset sure made it worth the extra time on the water. It sure was dark coming back in after the races, though!

Congratulations to John Hines and Doug Abbott on Hinesight for a first place finish. Also congrats for coming in first to Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato and John Jenkins and crew on Betty Ford.

You can see all the results >here<

Sep 6, 2016

Starting Early now

Remember that it's September, so we start 20 minutes earlier now.

Warning for the Star Class will be at 5:45 pm. Plan accordingly!

Sep 1, 2016

Results from 8/31

Caroline says Hi!

Far more wind out there last night than was predicted by the weatherman! Just a nice night to be out there on the water enjoying the sailing. With fall just a couple weeks away, we should see some good racing as the season starts to wind down.

That sunset is very early now. Remember that next week we are starting 20 minutes early. The warning for the Star class will be at 5:45pm. The sunset next Wednesday will be at 7:25pm, so we will need every minute.

For PHRF boats, make sure you make the position of the weather mark on your GPS when you go by. The Committee Boat will be close to there for the finish. If it gets too dark to see the Committee Boat, you will have your GPS waypoint to help find us. Also running lights - turn them on when the sun goes down!

Congratulations to John Jenkins on Betty Ford for fast racing in the Star Class. Also racing fast last night was our usual suspects - Ostinato and Ful Dek. Good job!

You can see all the results >here<

Aug 25, 2016

Results from 8/24

Finally some wind!

Who would think that we would have so many Wednesdays without wind. Last night was just fine and the temperature was perfect. The last boats were finishing just as the sun went down. That is getting the most out of the night!

One more race in August when we start at the normal time. Remember starting in September we will start 20 minutes early.

Congratulations to Bob Bradford on Maddie for a fast race. Also coming in first last night was Ostinato and Ful Dek.

You can see all the results >here<

Aug 9, 2016

Guest Skipper night 8/10

Remember tomorrow is Guest Skipper night.

Always wanted to find out how that other boat goes so fast? Now is your chance. Find that skipper and switch boats for the night!

We don't count the races tomorrow, so ave fun out there.

Aug 4, 2016

Results from 8/3

Tow different camp inspections for the JSP camp today, so I'm running out of time to tell you how great last night was for sailing. Suffice it to say, awesome sailing! Can't go wrong with 8-10 from the east.

Congrats to Penniless, Starstruck, and Ostinato for first place finishes. Great sailing!

You can see all the results >here<

Aug 2, 2016

It's time for the Jimmy Wilson race!

Early start - 5:45 pm is the first warning for Stars.

That's right, this week is the James H Wilson Race around Herring Island. It's great fun to do a distance race, but we need more time to get everyone finished. More time means we start EARLY!

There are special Sailing Instructions because this is a special race. You can get them >here<

What time tomorrow? Leave 20 minutes earlier and we'll see you on the course.

Don't be lost like these two. Make sure you print out the special Sailing Instructions. You will need them.