Jul 18, 2014

SMURF Results 7/16

The long course Wednesday night meant more time allowances and more mixing it up in the SMURF results.

Very exciting in the A class. Congratulations to Jim Richardson and the crew of Claiborne Ferry for coming in first by 4 seconds! Actually, the A class is very tight for this race. There is only 43 seconds separating first from 4th. That's closer than the Stars racing one design.

Janet Shilling and the crew of Penniless had a great night too coming in first by almost 2 minutes corrected. Congratulations for the fast sailing! Fortunately for the rest of the class, subtracting 6 seconds off the SMURF rating for Penniless will bring her back within striking distance.

You can see all the SMURF results >HERE<

Always good fun out there. I hope you're enjoying the good weather!

Jul 17, 2014

Results from 7/16

It's back!

After several months and just about as many harrowing experiences, our friends in the Coast Guard replaced the broken-off marker green day marker "5" (better known to us Miles River people as Gibson Flats).

Very spiffy even if not completely centered. Certainly very functional. Let's hope the ice has a harder time with this one.

So how about that weather last night! We're not going to get a night of cool sailing for a while, so soak it up. The winds started quite gusty from the NW with all kinds of shifts. Wind speeds were all over the place as the race went on. We had winds from 1 knot to 13 knots, but temperatures were under 80ยบ all evening.

Congratulations to all our regulars: Tom Gore and the crew of Javelin, Jeff Pevey and the crew of Ful Dek, and Will Murdoch and Carl Langkammerer on Wish. Good sailing in the changing air.

You can see all the results from the evening >HERE<

Jul 4, 2014

Calling all photos!

I know there are lots of budding photographers out there with us on the water each night. Do you have some photos of Wednesday Night Racing that you would like to share?

If you burn them on a CD and give them to me, I'll post them for you.

If you want to try posting them yourself, shoot me an email. I'll give you the instructions!

Jul 3, 2014

2014 after 8 races

Well, we have 8 races completed so far. Let's make sure we're scoring this correctly.

>HERE< is the season so far.

What could I have messed up?

Well, your place. Did I get your finish correct for each race? I double-check, but sometimes I can miss a boat in the transcribing.

How about when you did mark boat. If you did mark boat on a particular night (and I knew you were doing it), I marked you down as "AVG/?.?" for the night. The actual score will change over the season to remain your average score. Glad the software does this one for me!

Did you do your Man Overboard drill? It can be hard for us to hear what you are yelling at us on the course. You can always send me an email to tell me when you did your man overboard drill. You will notice that you get a DNC until you report doing your man overboard drill. Once reported to me, it goes to zero points.

Do those Man Overboard drills and let me know when they are done. This is so important for your crew's safety and your score!

There are some other weird scoring things you might see. For one, we don't really know who will register for the season until we know who has 4 races or more. You might see some competitors with 1 or 2 races who will disappear once we know for sure that they are not registering. It all works out in the long run.

Have fun over the 4th!

SMURF Results from 7/2

No change in the A class (congrats again to Javelin), but lots of moves in the B class!

Congratulations to Jeep Jallade and the crew of Moonraker for a great finish! They had a very fast night and finished more than 1:40 ahead of everyone.

You can see all the SMURF results >HERE<

Results from 7/2

Storms to the north of us - storms to the south...

But fortunately there was plenty of good wind and fun sailing in St Michaels last night. The good old trusty weather radar kept us up-to-date with the storms, so we were able to sail. We were able to follow the storms all night.

Strong winds made for lots of fun planing out there last night. Congratulations to David and Jeff Cox in the Star Mischief for a win last night as well as Tom Gore and the crew of Javelin, and Jeff Pevey and the crew of Ful Dek.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Jun 26, 2014

SMURF Results from 6/25

Lots of fun in the SMURF ratings last night! Congratulations to Claiborne Ferry who had an excellent night last night just leaving the A class in the dust and Pagan who equally tromped on the B class.

It was a great night for the bigger boats who could throw up lots of sail area. It will be interesting to see what happens when the summer winds die out and we have shorter courses. Maneuverability will become king.

You can see all the SMURF results >HERE<