Apr 27, 2016

Sign up for Mark Boat!

We might need some help setting the marks this year! Those marks just start to take over after a while.

What we need is for each boat to take on the responsibility to help with the marks for one Wednesday over the summer. About 2 people is all that is needed.

What will you do? Simple really: Get there early, inflate the marks, load marks and anchors on the boat, and then meet teh RC on the course.

Start by Signing Up!

If you have your own runabout that you want to use, sign up to provide the mark boat. If you can only crew, sign up to crew.

Sign up for mark boat Here!

We'll send an email with the specifics soon before your date.

We still need someone for 5/4. If you boat is not ready yet, sign up for this coming week and you're set!

Apr 20, 2016

Sailing Instructions are ready

The Sailing Instructions are ready!

You can download them >here<

What new? Well you know about the three seasons. We are also adding a new mark. Check it out on the chart.

NOR amendment

 Oh my! There is an amendment!

Check it out >here<

What do these changes mean to you? 
These are subtle changes, so remain calm. The WNR Steering committee decided that they would like to change how the throwouts work and encourage people to participate throughout the year. They also thought people might like to have some shorter series to allow for more awards.

What are we adding? 
We are breaking the season into three series (spring, summer, and fall). Each is about 7 races long. Yes, there is an extra week in the fall. Yes, August 10th doesn’t count because it is the guest skipper night.

How do the throwouts work? 
There is one throwout per series. We almost never have more than 3 throwouts, so this is just a change in where you will see them show up.

Will there be trophies for Series winners? 
Yes, probably. This is a test to see how it works and if people like the concept. More trophies are fun, so we’ll add something using our catch-all “Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion…”.

Apr 19, 2016

Skipper's Meeting tomorrow

Just one more day to the Skipper's Meeting!

Here are the details:
6 pm - Miles River Yacht Club
I think we are meeting above the pool
Club open after if you like

Register your boat and pay your fees!
New chart with the new mark

See you there!

Mar 22, 2016

Notice of Race for 2016

Stories from the Wet Letter Office

The NOR is available online for you to download now. There is some interesting stuff, but the main interesting thing is the registration sheet!

That's right - you register every year. $50 and a registration sheet and you can race all summer. That's a pretty good deal. You can try to race without paying, but I'll sic Mariana on you - a fate far worse than paying $50.

So where do you send the $50? That's easy:
St. Michaels Wednesday Night Racing
215 S Hanson St
Easton, MD 21601

You can also give it to me at the Skipper's Meeting on April 20th.

Last year, someone mailed their registration to the Museum. A little perplexed, the Museum thought it might be best to give it to the boat shop. The boat shop sent me a note and left the registration on Volunteer, but I never saw it.

Where did it go next? It seems that I couldn't find it because it fell into the bilge of the boat. Being a bit soggy, someone thought it would be best to dry it on a sail bag. Now nice and dry, it was stuck into the sail bag where it hung out for a week or so until we launched the staysail on Edmee. Back into the bilge of a boat - this one a log canoe.

Soggy letters floating in the bottom of a log canoe can get lost, so they stuck it in the stern of the boat for safe keeping (or safe losing it was called in my house growing up). A few weeks later, we capsized in the Tred Avon and, while cursing my misfortune, I noticed a $50 check for WNR float past me. I've seen a lot of strange things float out of the boat in a capsize, but this was new.

So, while you're sitting at your desk trying to come up with inventive places to send your registration check, try the Hanson Street address above. It really works and no log canoe crew will be harmed in the delivery.

Mar 18, 2016

More snow - really?

Well, it appears we are going to have one more snow on Sunday. I thought we were done with snow and we could start planning for summer fun. No luck.

The Wednesday Night Sailing Steering Committee has picked dates for this year and we are thinking about what should change for the coming season. What dates are interesting?

There is a skipper's meeting planned for April 20th at MRYC. The skippers meeting is a good excuse to get together while registering for the races. Plus I hear that the Club will be having Oyster Magic that evening. I think Herring Island may also meet that evening.

August 3rd is a good day to remember too. That is when we will be doing our annual Jimmy Wilson Race around Herring Island. We start early for this longer race. Be sure to invite all your friends to come over for the fun.

Awards are already set as well. The Annual Awards party is planned for October 28th at MRYC. Mark your calendars!

Do you have any thoughts you want to share with the Steering Committee? Is there something we can be doing better? Feel free to use the comment section below to share your ideas. We'll have more info on the Notice of Race and other good stuff coming soon.

Oct 26, 2015

Awards Friday Oct 30 - RSVPs needed

Hey everyone!

Our annual awards party is this Friday, October 30, beginning at 6pm at MRYC. Captains & crews welcome!

Chef Billy's cooking up great BBQ chicken. MRYC will provide plates and utensils, too. To keep costs down, we racers being side dishes, salads, and desserts. Cash bar.

If you're planning to come, we need to know so the kitchen is prepared. Please RSVP. There are two very simple ways to RSVP that you are coming. Pick which works best for you!

Option 1 ONLINE - WNR 2015 Awards Online Purchase - tell us how many of you are coming and opting for the dinner option ($12 per person), and how many are coming but won't be eating (for planning purposes). You'll be asked for your name & email, and you'll have to provide a valid credit card. It's very simple to use, just follow the instructions.

Option 2 PHONE MRYC - 410.745.9511 - if you prefer to charge your dinner to your house account, you have to call MRYC directly.

Please spread the word. We know there are some captains & crews out there who may not have direct access to this blog or email.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday, but to make this as successful as in years past, we do need to know if you're coming.