Jan 9, 2018

upcoming 2018 events

Hi Everyone,

Here are some upcoming events at MRYC that you might find interesting:

Phillips Wharf - January 25th Speaker (moved!)

Ed Farley - February 1st Speaker

February 10th Chili Cookoff

See you there!

Nov 5, 2017

2017 Season Awards

So who won all those awards for the season?

Fun Awards 

Hard aground with Si Boettner – Moonraker
Can you hear me now? – missing the flags and announcements - Ostinato
Hot & Cold – widest array of finishes – Tim’s Boat 
Lighthouse – finishing at 8:38:23 pm on 6/7 – Swagman
Blind Squirrel – fastest guest skipper – Jay Tyson La Quatrieme
RC Morale Booster – Swagman
Lone Ranger – sailing single-handed – Bucky Buchanan
Early Bird gets the Worm – always early – La Quatrieme
Bumper Cars – Spectacular collision – Eric Wagner and Corbin Penwell
Better late than pregnant – towed to the starting line – John Jenkins
Dressing the Ship – Christmas decorations in October - Moonraker
Best dressed – Frighteningly big Care Bears – Jim Ryan and crew

Serious Awards

Staunch Supporter
Huge commitment to help with mark boat – Bowie Rose

James H Wilson Memorial

PHRF A – 4 boats
2nd  – La Quatrieme – Skipper – Bob Foley
1st   – ReJoyce – Skipper – Dennis Glackin

PHRF B – 6 boats
2nd  – Taaris – Skipper – Mary Yancey
1st   – Ful Dek – Skipper – Jeff Pevey

Stars – 9 boats
3rd  – Maddie – Eric Wagner and Taylor Penwell
2nd  – Tim’s Boat – Tim Paris and Tim Godlee
1st   –  Tip Your Server – Jim Ryan and Sewall Cox

JHW Overall best performance:

Ful Dek
Jeff Pevey 

Gus Plutschak most improved Award
Defined as the most improvement in the percentage of points from previous two years. This year’s winner going from 5th to 2nd this year.

Janet Schilling

Hugh Kabler Spirit of Sailing Award 

Bob Flower

Series and Season Awards

PHRF A – 5 boats
2nd summer – ReJoyce – Dennis Glackin
1st summer – Javelin – Willem Rosenberg
2nd spr – 4th sum – 1st fall – 2nd overall – La Quatrieme – Bob Foley
1st spring – 3rd summer – 2nd fall – 1st overall – Ostinato – Jeff Staley 

PHRF B – 6 boats
2nd spring – Hinesight – John Hines
1st spring – Taaris – Charlie Barranco
3rd spr – 2nd sum – 2nd fall – 2nd overall – Penniless – Janet Schilling
4th spring – 1st  summer – 1st  fall – 1st  overall – Ful Dek – Jeff Pevey

Stars – 12 boats
4th spring – 4th fall – Betty Ford – John Jenkins and Mike Keene
3rd fall – No Bozos – Steve Haarstick and Rowan Perkins
2nd sum – 2nd fall – 4th overall – Tim’s Boat – Tim Godlee Tim Paris
2nd sum-4th fall-3rd overall- Maddie – Eric Wagner Corbin Penwell
3rd spr-3rd sum-2nd overall- Wish - Will Murdoch Carl Langkammerer
1st spr-1st sum-1st fall-1st overall-Tip Your Server – Jim Ryan / Crew

High Point – awarded to the winner of the most competitive fleet, as defined by smallest point spread between 1st and 5th boat.

Jeff Staley

Nov 2, 2017

Video from 9/27

So WNR might be over for the season, but we still have videos!

9/27 was a great night for a beautiful twilight finish.

Oct 26, 2017

Awards Tomorrow!

Awards are tomorrow at 6pm!

Call for reservations now.


We're planning do have beer there courtesy of WNR for you beer drinkers.

Oct 24, 2017

Friday Awards - make reservations now

The party is planned for October 27th, 6 PM.

What is the menu? Fish and Chips dinner by the Club for $15/person.

If you don't want to eat dinner, that's okay. There is a cash bar as usual.

What to bring:

If your last name starts with A-G ... Bring a side dish
If your last name starts with H-O ... Bring a salad or soup
If your last name starts with P-Z ... Bring a dessert!

Call 410-745-9511 to make reservations.

We need those traveling trophies for the awards. Do you have the Lighthouse trophy at home? Bring those awards back.

Oct 19, 2017

Video from 8/30

Hi Everyone,

Here is the video from 8/30.

The party is still planned for October 27th, 6 PM.

What is the menu? Fish and Chips dinner by the Club for $15/person.

What to bring? That's exciting.

  • If your last name starts with A-G ... Bring a side dish
  • If your last name starts with H-O ... Bring a salad or soup
  • If your last name starts with P-Z ... Bring a dessert!
Call 410-745-9511 to make reservations.

Also, remember to bring any of those traveling trophies you have at home! Where is that Blind Squirrel? 

Oct 11, 2017

Video from 8/9

What did you do with your first free Wednesday?

How about a video?