Apr 2, 2015

3rd Annual Race 'Round Tilghman Island

When is your first race day this year?

On May 2nd, they're holding the 3rd Annual Race 'Round Tilghman Island. It's a fundraiser for the Tilghman Island Youth Association!

It's only $50 to register and there is a party involved - can't go wrong.

You can find more information and register >here<

Feb 26, 2015

2015 Notice of Race

Yeah! It's time to think about racing again.

Click Here for the Notice of Race for this upcoming summer.

What do you need to know?

  • Skippers Meeting April 22, 6pm, MRYC
  • First race May 6th
  • Do your Man Over Board drill!

The website is the Official Notice Board for St Michaels Wednesday Night Racing. That means any official communications for racers will be posted on the site.

Here is the website:


Want to be sure you are receiving emails of all the posts on the website? Sign up here:


Let's hope that snow is gone before the skippers meeting!

Oct 14, 2014


Our annual Awards Party will be held this Friday October 17th, 6 PM, at the Miles River Yacht Club. Skippers, crews, family and friends are all welcome.

MRYC will offer pulled chicken/pork BBQ, with trimmings, for $10 per person (cash, check, house charge only).

WNR will provide a keg of beer, other drinks are available at the cash bar.

The Star fleet will provide oysters.

Participants are welcome to bring side dishes or desserts.

A rough headcount would be appreciated, please email Mariana (sailinggal71@gmail.com)

Oct 9, 2014

Awards Party Oct 17th

Remember that the Awards Party is October 17th, 6 PM, at the Miles River Yacht Club.

General idea: The Club provides a main course for $10; you bring a side dish, or dessert, WNR buys a keg; and there is a cash bar!

Trophies are being printed as we speak.

See you soon!

Oct 7, 2014

One Last Look

Hi Everyone,

One last look at the season standings before we go to press!

See the season >HERE<

What could be wrong?

  • You did mark boat and I didn't know you did it.
  • You did your Man Overboard drill and I didn't get it.
  • I messed up.
It's pretty much all possible.  Let me know if you see an error.

Remember - October 17th 6PM is the awards party!

Oct 3, 2014

Results from 10/1

We have come to the end of another great year of racing on the Miles River. That can only mean one thing - time for Awards!

If you all remember your notice of race, you will remember that the Awards party is planned for October 17th, 6 PM,  at the Miles River Yacht Club.

That's right. The date is planned and we're ready to go. More information on the festivities will follow.

So how was our last night of racing? Just Fabulous! We finally had winds from the north and the temperature was quite pleasant. We were particularly excited to see so many people dress up for the last evening of racing. It's a tradition that goes back many years and the best dressed crew wins the coveted plaid jacket.

The wind shifted about 10ยบ to the left right after we started the sequence, but at least the wind strength stayed up until the finish. Most boats made it across with some wind.  I don't think the Stars all made it back to the Club before the wind completely fell out. Not much daylight left for us to have a long course, so it was a nice quick race to end up the year.

Congratulations go out to Kimber Rosswork and crew in the A class and Alan Campbell driving Maddie (with Bob as crew) in the Star class. Great sailing! Also congrats goes out to Jeff Peavy and crew on Ful Dek for correcting WAY over everyone. Tough to beat a crew like that! Bob Foley and Charlie Barranco also had an excellent race coming in 2nd. They are going to be hard to keep in check next year.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Remember - Awards - Oct 17th 6 PM - more info to come.

Sep 24, 2014

No Races for 9/24

 Okay, I don't know about you, but I think it is going to get ugly out there on the river in a few hours. I could be wrong, but that is one big storm coming our way and it should hit between 6 and 7pm.

No fun at all. Of course, it would be no fun to go sit in the rain either.

Sorry folks - we're going to CANCEL the Wednesday Night Races for tonight. It's just not a good idea to go out there and tempt fate.

All kinds of fun next week. It's our last race of the year and the RC will be awarding the trophy for the best dressed crew! See you on the water!