Jun 25, 2017

Video from 6/14

Last race is the Spring Series

Jun 24, 2017

Video from 6/7

June is not supposed to be cold. Nice sunset!

Jun 22, 2017

Results from 6/21

Summer started with some fluky air! Crazy puffs; big headers and lifts; lulls that seemed to stand the boat up: We went for all the variables. But that didn't mean we couldn't get in a nice long race. At 5.4 nm for the PHRF boats, we definitely got to sail. Not bad for summer.

Congratulations to Mike Keene and John Jenkins on Betty Ford for a first place finish. Also doing fantastic was Janet Schilling and crew on Penniless and Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Remember that we need help with mark boat over the summer and fall. If you know you can't sail one week, maybe your crew can help out with mark boat and save some points! Sign up here:


Jun 21, 2017

Spring Series Results

Summer is here and the spring series is in the books. How did you do?

Congratulations to Jim Ryan, Ostinato, and Taaris for first place finishes!

Check out the results >HERE<

Jun 15, 2017

Results from 6/14

Yeah Wind!

That was a nice night. I was afraid that it would be hot, but the wind made it quite pleasant. At 5.4 nm, we were able to get in plenty of sailing. We even had a second spin set for the PHRF boats. Good fun!

Congratulations to Willem Rosenberg and crew on Javlin for coming out his first night of the season and getting a win. There is a rumor that he may have had a couple novice sailors on the boat too. Also getting a first was Jay Tyson and crew on Tarris as well as Jim Ryan and crew for first place finishes.

All kinds of inverted finishes last light. PHRF keeps proving to be interesting.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Jun 8, 2017

Results from 6/7

Okay, that races was longer than I was expecting, but we definitely used all the daylight possible for the evening. I suspect the races are going to be hotter from now on, so it was nice to use all the beautiful spring weather left in the season!

Congratulations to Patrick Penwell and crew on Maddie for a first place last night. Lots of shifting winds made for a tricky race! Also congratulations to Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato and the crew of Taaris with Jay Tyson at the helm. Both had fast races coming in first.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Jun 2, 2017

Video from 5/31

So I'm still working on the sound, but at least we have a video!

At only 2.4 miles, it was a bit of a mad scramble out there. At least we got a few good shots.