May 21, 2015

SMURF results from 5/20

No changes in A class for this week compared to the regular ratings, but B class had some movement. Just all kinds of changes!

Congratulations to Taaris and her crew for correcting well into first. They seem to be getting faster and faster each week. Keep up the good work.

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Results from 5/20

Great night again! Great wind, cool temps, cool sunset, fun awards at the Club. I hope you're getting out there on the water this time of year. Once August gets here, you will be wishing for nights like last night!

Looks like Claiborne Ferry and her crew has figured out how to make that J/30 go. After a smart race, she managed to finish well into first place again. A 3-minute corrected lead is pretty good. A class will have fun trying to reel them in.

Ful Dek and her crew had a great night last night. Lots of good spinnaker work downwind was fun to watch. That trip out to Oak Creek was not quite downwind, but it was a good chance to work on some good downwind angles.

Lots of fun in the wind for the Star class as well. We had Bob Flower come over to say hello to us on the RC just before the sequence. It's always nice to have friends come visit, but maybe not so close next time. After resetting the anchor, we got the Stars off to an aggressive start with everyone crowding the line. Jim Ryan cleared his air and had a great race to some in first. With legs just over 1 mile for the Stars, it was like a weekend race.

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May 14, 2015

SMURF results for 5/13

The A class ended up finishing the same in SMURF as in the regular PHRF, but the B class had some mixing up. Congratulations to Taaris and her crew for hanging in there to get second! That non-spin helped them considerably.

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Results from 5/13

It was a great night out there last night with plenty of air and nice cool temperatures. Unfortunately, you also need some water to go sailing. It seemed like someone pulled the drain plug on the Chesapeake Bay yesterday leaving many of the boats hard aground in their slips for the evening. Strong winds from the north has it's drawbacks too.

Those who could make it out had a great time. Given the festivities back at the Club after the race, I think those who could not make it out to race also had a great time!

As usual, the wind was squirrely at the start. That's what we get for racing in the evening. There was a little trouble with OCS for a couple of the starts, but it all managed to work itself out.

 Congratulations to John Hines and crew on Hinesight for very fast night. Not only did they get line honors, but they crushed the class finishing correcting 5 minutes over the class. Claiborne Ferry and her crew also had a great night correcting over Ostinato by 36 seconds. It's always hard to race the watch. Also looking great was Tim Paris driving the Star Tim's Boat to a first. Great job in the heavy air.

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May 7, 2015

Barging and more barging

That darn wind just kept clocking to the south as we tried to get the starts off. That means the committee boat was more and more favored as the classes came up.

So what are the rules that apply for barging?

Well, RRS 11, 14, 16.1, sometimes 2, and the worst of it all is that dang preamble to section C. Is it easy to understand? Nope. What we need is some sort of expert on the racing rules who can make nice animated drawings to explain it to all of us.

Oh, wait - Jos Spijkerman did that for us.

Thanks Jos!

So is Blue right or wrong?

SMURF results from 5/6

Oh yes, we didn't forget about SMURF.

SMURF - that is Saint Michaels Unifying Rating Formula.

The A class did about the same last night in SMURF, but the B class had all kinds of changes. Congratulations to the crew on Taaris for a very fast race - she had a whopping lead at the finish. Glad to see that Thunderbirds are still fast on the course. Moonraker also had a great night correcting over several boats to come in second.

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Results from 5/6

We started with some light air out of the North, but we didn't even get marks set before a big breeze filled in from the SE making for some quick movement to get the races off on time. Quick pick up the marks and head to the harbor for an upwind leg to Gibson Flats. We just barely got on station as the sequence started.

Plenty of wind for the start and the race. We started with about 12 knots and it held reasonably constant over the race. As the sun set, it pulled some of the wind out, but we still had plenty to finish everyone. With a course distance just over 5 miles and 6 legs to the courses for PHRF, there was plenty of activity. Not bad for the first race of the year.

2015 seems to be bringing out new boats for the PHRF classes. We had two  more boats in A this week and we anticipate a couple more in B class as the season goes on. It's good to see lots of competition in A class.

Congratulations to the Inn at Perry Cabin and the crew on Starbright. It appears the conditions were just right for her this Wednesday. Lots of reaching may make this a formidable boat. Also looking good was Ful Dek and her crew making a great recovery after a shaky start and Lil' Buddy who seemed to lead form wire to wire.

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Next week more boats and more fun!