Oct 26, 2015

Awards Friday Oct 30 - RSVPs needed

Hey everyone!

Our annual awards party is this Friday, October 30, beginning at 6pm at MRYC. Captains & crews welcome!

Chef Billy's cooking up great BBQ chicken. MRYC will provide plates and utensils, too. To keep costs down, we racers being side dishes, salads, and desserts. Cash bar.

If you're planning to come, we need to know so the kitchen is prepared. Please RSVP. There are two very simple ways to RSVP that you are coming. Pick which works best for you!

Option 1 ONLINE - WNR 2015 Awards Online Purchase - tell us how many of you are coming and opting for the dinner option ($12 per person), and how many are coming but won't be eating (for planning purposes). You'll be asked for your name & email, and you'll have to provide a valid credit card. It's very simple to use, just follow the instructions.

Option 2 PHONE MRYC - 410.745.9511 - if you prefer to charge your dinner to your house account, you have to call MRYC directly.

Please spread the word. We know there are some captains & crews out there who may not have direct access to this blog or email.

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this Friday, but to make this as successful as in years past, we do need to know if you're coming.


Oct 16, 2015

Time for Awards - get your tickets

Oh yeah! It's time for awards.

Just to keep things interesting (and to use you all as guinea pigs), we're going to sell the tickets to this year's awards online! This is a new experience for all of us, so be patient and we can work it out.

How does it work? Well, follow this link:

You can buy your tickets right there online. We will know your name at the door, or you can also print out tickets and bring them with you. Either way, you are set after you buy your tickets. If you want to double-check, you can send me an email.

What if you are an MRYC member and you want to charge it to your house account? We can still do that, but you will need to call the Club and talk to Cherrie. She is like talking to the ticket agent at a box office and she can sell you tickets.

But you can do it online - I know you can! I have great confidence in you.

The Dinner and drinks are the same format as before. Chef Billy is cooking up some great barbecue chicken for dinner. Plates and utensils will all be there. Cash bar for those interested in beverages.

We racers are bringing the side dishes, salads, and dessert! Dazzle us with a great recipe. We do this to keep the cost down.

Who is invited? Everyone! Family and friends are welcome to come celebrate.

Is there limited seating? Definitely! We can only hold so many. Buy your tickets now to make sure you can get in. It is possible that we will run out (not likely, but it could happen).

Will there be tickets sold at the door? We might have room for a few more, but don't count on it. Buy tickets ahead of time.

What else is new?
For all you people who are connected with social media, we have a hash tag to go along with the events - #smwnr  

Tweet about it to your friends. It should show on the main event page.

Oct 13, 2015

Video from 10/7

Well, we couldn't get any wind for the the last Wednesday Night. That's okay - was still had plenty of fun. Many of the boats came out in costume and we drifted around for a while enjoying the evening.

Remember that we have the Awards Party coming up on October 30th!

Oct 10, 2015

Fun Awards too!

One of the great things about our annual awards is that we get to recognize some of the crazy things we saw out there on the course (right along side the class winners).

And did we see some crazy stuff out there!

How about you? Did you see something worth noting? A competitor losing a sail bag overboard? A crew member unable to find his sea legs?

If you saw something that you think should be immortalized with an award of dubious distinction, just shoot us a note. Half the fun is remembering the things that made us laugh as we were racing around the course.

Remember - Awards are October 30th at 6pm!

Oct 8, 2015

Made it to 17!

Very good - we made it to 17 races. Not just a lot of wind last night, but that's okay. Everyone seemed to be having a good time anyway.

Before we wrap up this whole season, let's check to be sure that we have all the data correct. Look through the season standings and see if we recorded everything right for you.

Check out the season standings >using this link here<

Remember that we have a Big Party coming up give out all the awards! If you're reading this online, you have seen the announcement all season just to the right over there.

For you email people:

WNR Annual Awards
October 30th - 1800 first warning!
MRYC Commodore's Room

As before, the Club will provide some sort of main dish and we will bring all the sides and desserts. Cash bar with all your favorite tasty beverages.

We'll have more details soon, so don't stop reading emails now!

Oct 6, 2015

Video from 9/30

Here is the video from last week.

Only one more week to go!

Oct 1, 2015

SMURF Results from 9/30

Well the race was pretty short, so not many changes in A class. B class, though!

Congratulations for Penniless and crew for a fast race! Good fun!

You can see all the SMURF results >here<