Jun 14, 2018

Results from 6/13

It turns out all those small craft warnings were just talk. The winds we were seeing at noon died down to a quite reasonable night! Still plenty of wind (and humidity) for a race. The winds were from the southwest which usually makes for some very short windward legs. That definitely was the issue last night as well. We went for 3 laps in the Star class just to get a race that was about an hour long.

Still plenty of fun to be had. We saw some great long runs from Oak Creek all the way down to Deep Water Point. The Stars also had plenty of mark roundings and interesting windward legs. I think everyone was finished by 8pm!

Congratulations to Tom Price and crew on Bop in the Star class for a first-place finish last night. I think they were able to keep the other competitors covered and lead the last two legs. Also having a great night and finishing first was Willem Roosenburg and crew on Javelin as well as Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek.

You can see all the results >Here<

Jun 8, 2018

Spring Series so far

It looks like we might get one more race in the spring series.

You might be wondering how the series is coming along! Well, I try to keep the sheet up to date. You can always see the series or season results...


You will notice that this link is on the website too.

Good times!

Jun 7, 2018

Results from 6/6

It appears it was dead battery night for Wednesday Night this week. Not only did Bowie's boat end up with a dead battery, but pretty much every battery on the RC boat died too. There was speculation that solar flares were the culprit, but I suspect bad luck was involved.

Never the less, we were able to get a race in last night after some delay. The wind pretended like it was going to cooperate, but it was Wednesday Night. We haven't seen the wind cooperate yet, so crazy wind shifts are the norm. That good 90ยบ shift was a surprise, though!

Congratulations to Jake Flory and crew on Claiborne Too Ferry coming out for the first night of the season and finishing first! Also having a great night finishing first was Patrick Penwell and crew on the Star Maddie and Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Jun 5, 2018

Still need Mark Boat help!

Yes, tomorrow's mark boat is looking pretty lonely. We need someone to sign up and help with mark boat tomorrow.

Good candidates are the people who got a trophy last year. I'm looking at you:
Jim Ryan 
Ful Dek


If there is a week when you cannot sail for lack of crew, then mark boat is a good option. Not only do you get an average score instead of a DNC, but you get to help out your fellow boaters!

May 31, 2018

Results from 5/30

I guess now is the time when we get the spring winds! That's okay. We'll take good wind when we can get it. I'm glad the wind held off long enough and we could easily complete the races last night.

Congratulations to Jim Ryan and Andrew Devlin for a first place in the Stars. Also, congrats go to Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato as well as Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek for first place finishes. Lots of great racing out there last night!

You can see all the results >HERE<

We still need mark boat people for the next three weeks. Sign up now!

May 24, 2018

Results from 5/23

Yeah! Great night for racing!

Just a little excitement getting everyone started. We counted about 6 of the 9 Star boats as over early. I guess aggressive starts are good, but wow! I don't want to buy an I and Z flag, but I guess I may need to do it. At least the second start was clean.

Congratulations to Patrick Penwell and crew sailing Tim's Boat for a first-place finish in the Stars. Also having a fast night was Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato and Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek. The A class was particularly tight last night with the top 3 boats finishing corrected within 17 seconds. Fun to watch!

You can see all the results >HERE<

Let's hope for more spring winds!

May 14, 2018

Underwater Obstruction


There is a report of an underwater obstruction near the R"12" mark that we call E (outside Deep Water Point). Take care to stay in the channel if you are in transit near the mark.

As you can imagine, we will not be using it until it's known the obstruction is gone.