Aug 20, 2015

Season after 13 races

We have finished 13 races and there are 7 more possible races to go. Do you think we can hit the magic 20 races?

You can see all the current season standings >here<

Let me know by email if you do your man overboard drill.

SMURF results from 8/19

Just a little changing when we move over to the SMURF ratings. Congratulations to Kimber Rosswork and crew on the Viper 640 for a fast race.

You can see all the SMURF results >here<

Results from 8/19

Plenty of wind for the start plus just a little rain. Wish the wind had held in there at 12 knots all through the race.

Congratulations to Hans Nilsen and crew on Redbeard, Ful Dek, and Ninotchka for fast races last night.

You can see all the results >here<

Aug 11, 2015

Video from 8/5

Finally got the video to upload! For some reason, youtube was not excited about uploading the file. It took more time than usual.

Aug 6, 2015

SMURF results for 8/5

It turns out that, if you put up five big honkin' sails, your boat will move pretty darn fast. Congratulations to Pagan for a very fast race finishing first in SMURF for class B.

Congrats to Claiborne Ferry for carrying over their fast race to a first place finish in Class A.

You can see all the SMURF results >here<

Results from 8/5 James H. Wilson RTI Race

It was a beautiful night out there last night. Plenty of wind up until the last half mile in the Miles to the finish and it wasn't all that hot for August. Mr. Jimmy would have loved to be out there on Boss II firing off his shotgun to start the races.

In typical Mr. Jimmy fashion, the race was just a bit quirky with a close reach out to Ashcraft to start the race. Eastern Bay was very choppy for only 8-10 knots of air and the current was just all kinds of squirrely around Herring Island, but the spin run back from Herring Island was lots of fun in the sunset. The first boat came across the Finish in just under 90 minutes.

Congratulations to Jim Ryan and crew on Ninotchka for an excellent race coming in first for the Stars. Many boats were right in behind her tracking her down including Ostinato and many other Stars.

Also Congratulations to the crew on Claiborne Ferry who had a fast race and managed to correct into first for the A class. She was able to keep just close enough to the Cal 40, Flyer, to correct over. Tough job with all the hot shots on Flyer.

And Congratulations to the crew of Ful Dek for their normal fast racing coming in first in the B class. She was so far over into the shallows entering the Wye River that we thought she must be aground. Not at all. She was able to handle the chop and even reel in several A class boats.

Thanks to all of you for coming out to enjoy our annual James H. Wilson Round the Island Race. Mr. Jimmy would be happy to see you racing!

You can see all the results from the Round the Island Race >here<

Aug 4, 2015

Sailing Instructions for 8/5

It's a chart! It's the Sailing Instructions!

It's both. You should download and print the special sailing instructions for the 8/5 race now. You can get them >here<

What is important to remember:

  • Start at 5:45!
  • Six marks that are all turning marks
  • You can go clockwise, or counterclockwise around Herring Island
Get your SIs now! Print them and bring them with you.

Every year someone tells me that they didn't know that this week was the Jimmy Wilson race, that we start early, or that we have to honor R N"12". Help your friends out and be sure to tell them. Forward this to them so they know!