May 27, 2016

Video from 5/25

It was great to be out for a Wednesday Night when there wasn't predicted rain. Somehow the video is shorter this week. Not as many boats for some reason. Maybe that was it.

May 26, 2016

Results from 5/25

Finally some sun on a Wednesday evening!

Congratulations to Ostinato on a fast race last night. Also doing well was Ful Dek on the B class and Steve and John on Betty Ford in the Stars.

You can see all the results >HERE<

Let's keep up the nice weather for the summer!

May 19, 2016

Video form 5/18

Mostly cloudy and chilly, but it was nice to be out sailing none the less. Think anyone was barging at the start?

Results from 5/18

That was a fun night! Okay, the wind was pretty crazy. And it died as the night went on. There was a jibe mark, though. And we had a break in the rain for a few hours.

Congrats to John Jenkins and crew winning in the Star class. Very fast tonight. Also doing well was the Ostinato crew in the PHRF A class and the Hinesight crew in PHRF B.

You can see all the results >here<

May 11, 2016

Video from 5/4

Here is the video from 5/4

It's gotta be warmer this week... Right?

May 5, 2016

Results from 5/4

Well, that's one in the books. Temps hovering around 60ยบ and humidity about 50% made for a cold night out there! It's nice to have that dense air, but a little sunlight would have gone a long way to staying warm.

Fifteen boats was not too bad for a first night out. Congratulations to Wish for winning the Star class; Ostinato for winning PHRF A; and Penniless for winning PHRF B. Rumor has it that Ostinato broke 10 knots reaching back to the leeward mark

Were trying out some new software for scoring. Turns out that Javascore will not run on Windows 10. On to the new.

Check out all the results >HERE<

Apr 27, 2016

Sign up for Mark Boat!

We might need some help setting the marks this year! Those marks just start to take over after a while.

What we need is for each boat to take on the responsibility to help with the marks for one Wednesday over the summer. About 2 people is all that is needed.

What will you do? Simple really: Get there early, inflate the marks, load marks and anchors on the boat, and then meet teh RC on the course.

Start by Signing Up!

If you have your own runabout that you want to use, sign up to provide the mark boat. If you can only crew, sign up to crew.

Sign up for mark boat Here!

We'll send an email with the specifics soon before your date.

We still need someone for 5/4. If you boat is not ready yet, sign up for this coming week and you're set!