Aug 21, 2014

SMURF results from 8/20

We're back to SMURF racing and the boats are grouping up. There is an occasional outlier, but most of the boats are finishing corrected to about the same time. No slacking off - those seconds count!

Congratulations to Alex Schuster and the crew of Swagman for a fast race. Looks like that non-spin paid off. Also staying in the lead was Jim Richardson and the crew of Claiborne Ferry. Good job!

You can see all the SMURF results >HERE<

Results from 8/20

So that double rainbow out there last night - that was all my doing!

Now I don't get as excited as some about a double rainbow

But it's still pretty cool! It was a great night for racing. Congrats to all of you who braved the dark clouds to come out and race. I was watching the radar pretty closely and very nervous until about 30 minutes into the race. Still - good times!

The races were very short to be sure that we were in before any storm hit, but the wind was up and boats were moving. I doubt we will have a race this fast again this summer. The first boats were done in 27 minutes with most boats finishing in about 40 minutes. Fast sailing everywhere.

Congratulations to Janet Schilling and the crew of Penniless in B class for a great job staying just ahead of Swagman who was trying to correct over them. Also congratulations to Jim Richardson and the crew of Claiborne Ferry for a minute lead corrected in A class. Also crushing with a minute lead in the Star class was Alan Campbell and Andrew Parish. Good job!

You can see all the results >HERE<

Aug 14, 2014

Results from 2014 Guest Skipper Night

It sure felt like fall sailing out there last night: cool temps, low humidity, and windy from the northwest. Perfect night for racing!

All that wind and a course that was mostly upwind-downwind made for a great race for Pagan to put up all 15 sails and fly. Congratulations to Bob Curry and the crew of Pagan for a very fast race just squeaking ahead of Ful Dek to win the B class.

Also racing fast was Claiborne Ferry with skipper Will Murdoch in the A class and Ninotchka with skipper Mike Keene in the Star class. Congratulations on 1st place finishes!

You can see all the results >HERE<

I don't care how cold it gets this winter as long as we continue to have great sailing like last night. Next week the races count for the season overall again. See you out there.

Aug 13, 2014

Season results with 11 races

We didn't get to race the Jimmy Wilson race, but we do have 11 races in so far this year.

You can see the season results >HERE<

Have you done your man overboard drill yet? Send me an email when you do. Here are some descriptions of how to do a proper man overboard drill:

Boat US version

US Coast Guard version

Some of you are visual learners, so YouTube is a great source.

This guy has a great demonstration. Note that he is teaching the figure 8 version. Also note that he uses a floating object (not a person)!

I also like this demonstration for the smaller boats (but don't use a person).

or this fun one:

Aug 7, 2014

2014 Jimmy Wilson race

Well, we were glassed out again!

Last night was the James H. Wilson Round the Island race and it was beautiful night out there, but the wind just couldn't hold in. We almost had a boat make it to the other side of Herring Island, but the tide was changing and soon we would see everyone drifting away.

Maybe next year, Mr. Jimmy.

Remember next week is Guest Skipper night. Find a friend to come try your boat for the evening.

Have you done your man overboard drill? Send us a note so we can mark you down as completed.

Jul 31, 2014

SMURF results from 7/30

Lots of good stuff for SMURF racing this week.

Rick Morgan and the crew of Evil Woman managed to save their time and beat out Javelin for 1st.

B class had lots of mixing up, but Ful Dek held fast to their strong lead taking the SMURF finish as well.

Great fun out there. You can see all the SMURF results >HERE<

Results from 7/30

Well, that was some messed up wind last night! At a certain point, we just wanted to get you racing while there was still wind at all.

Congratulations to Tom Gore and the crew of Javelin for a great race. Also congrats goes out to Jeff Pevey and the crew of Ful Dek and Will Murdoch and Carl Langkammerer on Wish. Fast sailing out there.

You can see all the results >HERE<