Oct 19, 2017

Video from 8/30

Hi Everyone,

Here is the video from 8/30.

The party is still planned for October 27th, 6 PM.

What is the menu? Fish and Chips dinner by the Club for $15/person.

What to bring? That's exciting.

  • If your last name starts with A-G ... Bring a side dish
  • If your last name starts with H-O ... Bring a salad or soup
  • If your last name starts with P-Z ... Bring a dessert!
Call 410-745-9511 to make reservations.

Also, remember to bring any of those traveling trophies you have at home! Where is that Blind Squirrel? 

Oct 11, 2017

Video from 8/9

What did you do with your first free Wednesday?

How about a video?

Oct 5, 2017

Results from 10/4

Yeah, we made it through the season!

Congratulations to everyone who came out last night dressed up. It was fun to see!

In the racing part of the evening, we had some great results too. Congratulations to Tim Paris and Corbin Penwell on Tim's Boat for a first place. Also congratulations to Bob Foley and crew on La Quatrieme as well as Janet Shilling and crew on Penniless for first place finishes.

We had to shorten course for the Stars last night to get everyone back to the dock with light. The PHRF boats had a rather short course to start, but even then it was hard to get everyone in with light. Darn, that sun!

You can see all the results >here<

Now we are planning for awards! Remember the Awards Party is planned for October 27th at 6pm. Mark your calendars now.

Oct 2, 2017

one last week!

That's right, there is one last Wednesday to get in a good race before the long winter.

As tradition goes, the last race of the season is when we judge the "Best Dressed" award for the year. The best dressed could bean the best-dressed boat, the best-dressed crew, or even the crew with the best costumes. We love the costume entries on the Committee Boat!

What do you win?

Well, there is an ill-fitting plaid jacket. But it's really about the admiration of your fellow sailors on how clever you can be. Good fun. Hope you can participate!

Of course, this is the last chance to make a change in the season standings! You can see all the results >here<

Now is a good time to look for errors in the season standings. Do you see something wrong? I could mess up several things to check:

  • Is each finish recorded correctly?
  • Did you do Mark Boat and it's recorded correctly?
  • Is the math right?

I can make mistakes when translating from one sheet to another, so let me know if there is a problem. I can fix it now, but it is hard to do after I hand out awards!

Remember the Awards party is on October 27th at 6pm

Sep 28, 2017

Results from 9/27

We need mark boat help for next week!

Sign up here -- Signup Genius

This is how it works, folks. Bowie can't do it all.

Nice race last night. Sorry, we went longer than I was expecting. It was nice to see the sunset out there, but I was not expecting to see the twilight. Congratulations to Tim's Boat, La Quatrieme, and Penniless for great races!

you can see all the results >here<

Remember next week is the Best Dressed race. The Race Committee is watching to see who dresses their boat or themselves the best for our annual award.Why not try out those great Halloween costumes!

We promise to get you in before pitch black.

Sep 21, 2017

Results from 9/20

Okay, whoever is playing games with the wind - stop it.

We were able to get in a race, but the wind definitely was definitely playing with us.

We need mark boat help for next week. Sign up here:


Congratulations to Tim and crew on Tims Boat in the Stars for a first-place finish. Also looking good coming in first was Bob Foley and crew on La Quatrieme and Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek.

You can see all the results >here<

Sep 20, 2017

Video from 8/2

Well, they say it's going to be nice weather today. Let's hope we race.

In the meantime, here is a video 8/2. That was the Jimmy Wilson Race.