Aug 19, 2017

Video from 7/12

Let's do another video since this is a slow week!

Here is the video from 7/12

Aug 17, 2017

No racing - but a 7/5 video

Well, we couldn't get in any racing last night for lack of wind, but at least we could watch a video from the past.

Here is the video from July 7th. Remember those days with wind on the course!

Aug 10, 2017

Results from 8/9

It was guest skipper night!

It was pretty light wind out there, so we chose a 3.1 mile course just so we could get the race finished in a reasonable time. It turned out that most everyone could finish. It sure seemed like we would finish quickly, but that darn wind fell out making it challenging for everyone.

Sailing fast coming in first in the Star class was Sewall Cox with Jim Ryan are crew. Also sailing fast coming in first was Jay Tyson and crew on La Quatrieme as well as Mike Rajachch and crew on Ful Dek.

Great sailing!

You can see all the results >here<

Aug 6, 2017

Guest Skipper Night

Remember that Wednesday is the Guest Skipper Night.

Same times and format for courses - just guest skippers at the helm of many boats. Find a friend who has always wanted to try out the helm of your boat and trade for the evening. Mix up crew; change skippers; bring out a different boat - Just an evening of fun. Of course, the winner gets the Blind Squirrel award.

This race does not count towards high point.

Interested in the summer series results? You can see them >here< This link is always the same, btw.

We also need a mark boat for the upcoming weeks. You can sign up for mark boat >here<

Boats that still need to sign up for mark boat are:
La Quatrieme
Claiborne Too Ferry

Eight weeks left - Eight boats that need to do mark boat. Sign up now to get your preferred week.

Aug 3, 2017

Results from 8/2

That was a nice race for the James H Wilson Round the Island Race! All the good stuff we look for in a race:

  • reasonable winds
  • Cool temps
  • Interaction between boats
  • Whacky current to figure out
  • Last minute wind shifts
  • Light show to the north
  • Everyone safely in port by 8pm!

I think Mr. Jimmy would be happy to see everyone out there racing last night. Everyone was having a great time.

Congratulations to Dennis Glackin and crew on ReJoyce for a fast race coming in first the A class. Also having a great race coming in first was Jim Ryan and Sewall Cox in the Stars and Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek. Great job everyone!

You can see all the results >HERE<

Aug 1, 2017

Starting early tomorrow!

It's a long race, so we're starting early. 20 minutes earlier than normal.

Here are the Sailing Instructions

You will notice that this is a course sheet too. Print it and bring it with you. STAR sailors - you too!

The first leg might be upwind. It might also be off the wind. Make sure you honor those three marks as you go out the river and as you come back into the river. Clockwise or counterclockwise around the island is fine! Fun times in the current.

See you out there for the first warning at 5:45 PM.

Jul 27, 2017

Results from 7/26

Great wind last night! The forecast was showing that we might have 5-6, but we had much more. I was seeing gusts around 12-15 with a reasonably steady 10 knots. That let us set a nice long course of 7.7 nm out to the Oak Creek mark and back. We'll probably have a long race next week, but the days are definitely getting shorter. Quick races will be the order for the rest of the season.

Congratulations to Jeff Staley and crew on Ostinato for a very fast race. That big Asym really makes a difference on the long reaches. Also looking great and coming in first was Jim Ryan and crew in the stars and Jeff Pevey and crew on Ful Dek. Great job!

Remember that the Jimmy Wilson Round the Island Race is next week. We start 20 minutes earlier. Stars warning is 5:45 PM.

You can see all the results >HERE<