Jul 23, 2015

2015 Season after 10

That's right - 10 races in the bag! That means 2 throwouts.

>Here are the results so far<

Do you think we'll make 20 races? Remember that the Jimmy Wilson race (and early start) is on August 5th.

SMURF results from 7/22

Things changed up a bit for SMURF last night. Congrats again to Javlin for a very fast race. Pagan also was fast last night!

You can see all the SMURF results >here<

Results from 7/22

So it's mystery wind!  Southwest, then NW, then W, then back to the NW. Supposed to die, but it builds.

Well, it was a short race, but at least we got to go sailing. Congratulations to the crew of Javlin for a first in the A class.  Ful Dek in B class and Betty Ford in the Stars also did great coming in first.

You can see all the results >here<

Jul 17, 2015

Video from 7/15

Let's see if you can find the exciting parts of the video

SMURF results form 7/15

Not too many changes for the SMURF results this week. Still plenty of good sailing!

Congratulations again to the crew of Claiborne Ferry for a fast race!

You can see all the SMURF results >here<

Jul 16, 2015

Results from 7/15

Sometimes the first boat across the line gets a rainbow.

Good times out there last night: light winds, heavy winds, storms, sunny, hot, cool, rainbows... We try to fit it all in for a normal Wednesday night.

Congratulations to the crew on Claiborne Ferry for a fast race last night coming in 1st in A class. Also having a fast night was Pagan in B class and John Jenkins in the Star class.

You can see all the results >here<

Jul 8, 2015

Season after 8 races (and MOB)

So we have 8 races in so far. How are you doing?

Well, you can see all the season standings >here<

If you did a man overboard drill let me know and I will record it. If you did mark boat and I missed it, let me know that too.

It's easy for me to miss things, so check it now while it is still fresh in your mind. By the end of the season, you may not remember what you did.

Be sure to get those man overboard drills completed to get points off! I suggest using a cushion or some other floating item to test your skills. Have the skipper throw the cushion and let go of the helm. The crew should be able to make it back to the cushion on their own - right?